About Joshua

Joshua Clennon is a fourth-generation Harlemite with a legacy deeply rooted in the community he serves.

As an entrepreneur, gun violence survivor, and award-winning activist, Joshua blends personal experience with professional expertise in affordable housing advocacy. For over eight years, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that low-income residents in Harlem remain secure in their homes.

A proud Penn State graduate, Joshua has held several esteemed positions, including Treasurer of Manhattan Community Board 10 and the Black Caucus of the Young Democrats of America, Political Director and Vice President of the Manhattan Young Democrats, New York County Judicial Delegate and County Committee member, as well as a Democratic National Committee Delegate. His focus on leveraging emerging technologies and innovative public policy addresses New York’s most pressing challenges, from the COVID-19 aftermath to homelessness, income inequality, healthcare access, and public education.

Joshua is more than a product of Harlem; he is a proactive, engaged member who is deeply invested in the well-being of his fellow New Yorkers. His authentic leadership, rooted in personal history, education, and community ties, makes him the ideal candidate to face Harlem’s future challenges. Join Joshua in his quest to build a stronger, more equitable New York, where opportunities are plentiful and progress is collective. With unwavering dedication, Joshua Clennon is the leader Harlem deserves.

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JUNE 25, 2024