A Harlem native and housing activist fighting for housing justice, economic equity, fully funded public education, and public safety reform

Joshua Albert Clennon is a
Harlem native and community leader fighting for
housing justice, economic equity, better education, and public safety reform

Joshua serves as the Treasurer of Manhattan Community Board 10 and professionally manages low income housing cooperatives to equity and long term affordability for working class residents of Harlem. Now, Joshua is running for city council to provide practical leadership and real opportunities to a community beset with a political establishment that offers nothing but empty rhetoric and nostalgia. Joshua has spent his whole life bearing witness to the problems that face his community, he has lived those experiences as a member of this community and he’s certain we have to think bigger and demand more from our city.


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Our Vision

My platform is rooted in community engagement and will evolve over the course of the campaign. The below proposals are a starting point , if you have any recommendations, concerns, or specific proposals, please reach out via email or social media. We want to hear from you!


Housing is a human right and the 9th City Council District deserves a community driven approach to land use and permanently affordable income based housing and home ownership opportunities. With the use of community land trusts we can give working class people truly affordable housing and real equity in their communities.

Joshua will fight to restore public housing, end the privatization of NYCHA, and ensure transparency and accountability for RAD buildings..

Joshua will introduce legislation to create an HDFC taskforce in HPD to ensure that these low income cooperatives receive the support, resources, and independent oversight they need to prevent mismanagement, maintain financial solvency, and ensure long term affordability for HDFC shareholders.


Small businesses are the heart and soul of Harlem and we must make sure they get the relief and support needed to overcome this economic downturn. Joshua will support legislation for a public municipal banking system that can provide direct capital to existing small businesses and startups in Harlem.

Joshua will fight to ensure that Minority Owned Businesses in our district get their fair share of city contracts in the procurement process and empower small vendors with technology and resources needed to thrive in the new digital marketplace.


Joshua will fight for a fully funded public school system and to reform the Department of Education’s procurement process to eliminate wasteful spending on outside contracts and ensure that public school funding is distributed where it is needed most. With increased funding directly to public schools we can restore arts, music, and vocational programming in our schools and introduce STEM programming to prepare students for the industries of the future.

Joshua will also support legislation to expand the Summer Youth Employment Program to Fall and Spring Seasons to give our youth year round opportunities for workforce development and career placement. By matching youth with local businesses and nonprofits we can strengthen the bonds of our community and keep our young people out of trouble.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice for Harlem starts with clean streets. Data can be a powerful tool to fight against street litter and overflowing trash bins. Trash bins with sensors that indicate when a bin is full will enable waste collection services to optimize their routes and reduce mileage. The data can also be used to hold waste collection services accountable, reduce government waste, and support community clean up efforts by CBO’s.

Taking care of our community and beautifying Harlem with green streets, community gardens will be a priority as promoting a clean and green environment is not only environmentally friendly but improves quality of life and mental health. Incorporating more sustainable practices across our community such as renewable energy systems, collective self consumption, energy efficient buildings, and green roof areas that will rejuvenate Harlem create more jobs and reduce utility costs for buildings to maintain affordability for residents.

Public Safety

Harlem precincts have the highest number of police complaints in Manhattan. We must hold the NYPD accountable and reduce their outsized budget to fund social services that will actually get folks off the streets. With a more holistic approach to public safety we can address the rising gun violence in our community.
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Vote JUNE 22, 2021
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